CSIA and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander partners worked with IM to develop a contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander design for the NDIS Business Development Seminar Series.


IM Creative Director Amanda Moffatt took the project team including representatives from Ambrose Solutions, Stapleton Indigenous Services, PwC’s Indigenous Consulting, Outpost Consulting and CSIA through a visual narrative process to create the design.

We worked with Amanda in an interactive session to co-design the key messaging, imagery and look and feel of a visual narrative that would feed into the final design.

There were many ideas unearthed in this session around colour, shapes and concepts that we felt were representative of the project. It gave everyone an opportunity to think about the project elements and stakeholders in a more conceptual way, shifting the complexity into a visual piece.

Of the multitude of colours, shapes and ideas that came out of the session, the talented team at IM created a design image reflective of our conversations.

The central image shows the coming together of providers, clients and project team in the seminar training space making both connections through relationship and learning.

The central straight lines represent the structure and formalities of the NDIS.

The leaves symbolise business growth and the smaller white marks footprints and the pathways of the learning journey.

The background image represents the broader community in which this business opportunity and the NDIS services sit. Mirroring the connections and support the service can provide through a ripple effect.

IM is a 100% Indigenous owned and managed Brisbane-based business delivering creative, digital and training solution.