Our dedicated team of experts are focused on our innovative projects and keeping an eye to the future.


Here is a wrap up of what’s going on…

Influencing Policy

Our Acting CEO Matthew Gillett and The Services Union (TSU) met recently with Queensland Government Ministers about increasing the funding indexation rate to more closely match actual cost increases. This proposal was well received by Government and we’ll keep you updated on progress on this issue.

At the end of June, we also worked with TSU on a letter to the Treasurer to re-consider the indexation rate and a proposed new approach to social services procurement.

On the horizon, we’re watching the Jobs and Skills summit closely and will be involved in the process by providing a submission to the issues paper and/or Employment White paper.

Workforce for the future

This month we’re partnering with the Allied Health Assistants Network Australia (AHANA) to take you through how to strengthen your business and add to your NDIS workforce with an Allied Health Assistant role. This session shared the latest research, provided insights from experienced Allied Health Assistants and answered some of the questions you have. Watch the full recording here.

Our Workforce Innovation Network continues to bring together workforce development and HR professionals to hear from the experts and explore solutions to grow your most important asset, your workforce. Register for the Network, join in the discussion at our next event on building cultural diversity and watch past events here.

We are learning through doing with the JobMatch Disability and Aged Care Pathway Project. This demonstration project focused on the Wivenhoe region to improve pathways for jobseekers into meaningful, long-term employment in disability and aged care settings. Led by CSIA, the project is funded by the Department of Education, Skills and Employment through the Local Recovery Fund and the Local Jobs Program in the Wivenhoe employment region. This demonstration project has seen a 50% success rate in job seekers going through the recruitment and training process and securing employment in the region.

Industry Development and Excellence

We continue to work in partnership with Basic Rights Qld and WorkHaven to support workplaces in identifying and responding to staff experiencing domestic and family violence. With funding from the Department of Justice and Attorney-General’s Investing in Queensland Women program we held a series of conversations with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse community services workers. From these conversations a resource hub with everything you need to develop a DFV workplace strategy is now available. We are exploring ways to continue this important work.

The Resilience Maturity Scorecard and Playbook is set to launch this October during Get Ready Queensland Week! Working in collaboration with the Queensland Reconstruction Authority and six regional community services organisations, the tool has been designed by Industry for Industry. Get ready to test your organisation’s disaster resilience and move towards maturity this October!

We are excited to be moving into the second phase of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander NDIS Business Development Seminars . We are working with three leading Aboriginal business and training expert organisations to deliver online and inperson seminars. The aim is to support Aboriginal people and communities to learn more about the NDIS and becoming a registered or unregistered provider.

The first phase delivered 14 online seminars and 16 on location seminars. These were a success with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander attendees learning more about the NDIS and leaving with solid ideas and connections for building their business or idea. We are really excited about what they are going to do next.

Disaster preparedness and living and working with COVID continue to be a key focus here at CSIA as we develop and curate the best Industry-led resources and the latest information.

CSIA is collaborating with Queenslanders with Disability Network (QDN) and University of Sydney on two exciting projects. The Homelessness Inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction project is in full swing with an introduction webinar that reviews the research and next steps. In person sessions will be held at eight locations across the state with local service providers, council and emergency preparedness groups.

The second collaborative project will build community capacity around Person-centred Emergency Preparedness. The Building Inclusive Disaster Resilient Communities (BIDRC) project will work with five local government area communities over two years.

We continue to bring you conversations on building your workforce resilience. Prof Gordon Parker AO presented on the impact of burnout and what your organisation can do to respond. Dr John Chan invited Industry to be part of the Global Burnout Study with benefits including a tailored report for your organisation and possible workshop opportunities. You can watch both events and more here.

Commissioning for Outcomes

As part of our Statement of Commitment on child protection reforms for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and families we will be led by the voices of Indigenous staff working in non-Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations. Through yarning circles, we will listen to what they think about the transition to ATSICCO reforms, what it means to them and how to ensure Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and families are well supported during the transitions.

Phase 4 of the Tailored Support Program (TSP) within intensive foster care explored what is possible in terms of reform and filled gaps in creating a clear Program Logic. This year we have held four all-stakeholder workshops with Industry partners and the Department of Children, Youth Justice and Multicultural Affairs Investment Commissioning to reach consensus on the ‘base + brokerage’ approach to investment modelling. Once consensus was reached, we engaged in a further 1-2-1 discovery process with Industry around costing the elements of standing up a foster care arrangement.

CSIA continues to work alongside Industry and government partners in applying actions of the Homelessness Investment Roadmap. We have been working with a Brisbane based collaborative to strengthen relationships, amplify lived experience, build a culture of learning and continuous improvement, and explore capabilities of adaptive leadership.