Following on from the Jobs and Skills Summit, Treasury is inviting submissions to inform the Employment White Paper. The White Paper will explore issues, frameworks and policy approaches relevant to the future of Australia’s labour market.

We know our Industry plays a central role in enabling employment, productivity, job security and reducing barriers to employment. And that care roles will only increase in demand as healthcare needs increase and Australia faces an ageing population.

Here we bring you CSIA’s process for developing an Industry-led submission, Treasury’s briefing to community services and everything you need to know to make your own submission.

CSIA Industry Roundtables

Industry came together at three online Industry Roundtables to explore the themes in the Jobs and Skills Issues Paper.

The roundtable conversations were robust as we worked together to imagine solutions to labour market challenges and inform the direction of federal employment policy.

The team at CSIA is working to draw out the themes, ideas and opportunities from these conversations to inform a submission to the Employment White Paper consultation. We look forward to taking a deeper dive on the themes and sharing the submission with you soon.

Industry Briefing with The Treasury

Following the roundtables The Treasury Employment Taskforce Assistant Secretary Louise Rawlings provided Industry with a briefing about the goals of the Issues Paper, what is pertinent to the Community Services Industry/Care Economy, and how to make your own submission.

Louise took us through the Summit process where over 140 people including unions, employers, civil society and governments, came together to address shared economic challenges.

The Summit was the start of a national conversation that will inform the Employment White Paper and 36 immediate actions are being taken to build a bigger, better-trained, and more productive workforce.

The Treasury is now scoping the White Paper, calling for submissions and will continue to engage with stakeholders following the closing of the public submission process.

Read the presentation highlights

Next steps

We encourage you to make your own submission to the Employment White Paper consultation. You can read more about the process and terms of reference here.

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