The Australian Bureau of Statistics is completing a comprehensive review of the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO).

In doing this, they are seeking the input of people on-the-ground who intimately understand the occupations of the Community Services Industry.

This recording provides a background briefing to support Industry stakeholders like you in making a submission for change during this process.

CSIA will be holding roundtables to collect and collate your feedback.

The review is covering a number of occupational areas including:

  • Aged care and disability services
  • Childcare services
  • Welfare and social assistance services (this category includes Community Services, Youth Work, Child Youth and Family Services and Alcohol and Other Drugs).

You can view the full list of areas for review here.

What is ANZSCO?

ANZSCO is a skills-based classification system that covers all occupations in the Australian and New Zealand labour markets.  It allows for the standardised collection and analysis of workforce data.  You can learn more about ANSZCO here.

Why is ANZSCO important?

Data collected through ANZSCO underpins the work of a wide range of users including government, industry and the training sector.  It informs labour market and migration policies, workforce planning strategies and the design of vocational education and training programs.

Why is it being reviewed?

Since the implementation of ANZSCO in 2006 the Australian labour market has undergone significant changes and the current classifications may not accurately reflect the contemporary workforce.  As a result, the current classifications may not be as useful as they could be. Updating them will allow users to access more detailed and nuanced data.

Submissions close on 28 April.

For more information, contact Jamie Brown, Industry Skills Advisor via [email protected]