Media Release: New NDIS workforce research capturing data 2018 to 2022
25 May 2023

A multi-year research project into the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) workforce in Queensland findings are available in a report released today.

The Strengthening Queensland’s NDIS Workforce 2022 report provides comparison data over the multi years, includes innovative Industry-led solutions and outlines actions for the future.

CSIA CEO Cheryl Schmidt said the multi-years of research highlights the integral role the community services play in job growth and the wider economy.

“The Community Services Industry proved over the past multi years, through the pandemic and other challenges, they are innovative, flexible and able to adapt to meet the needs of the community,” she said.

“Our Industry has one of the largest workforces, one that needs to continue to grow to meet the evolving needs of our communities.

“CSIA is committed to working closely with our government and Industry partners to find new solutions to meet workforce challenges now and into the future. Together we can grow and build a skilled and diverse workforce.

“Organisations big and small can access workforce initiatives introduced during the multi-year project, including the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Get NDIS Business Ready Seminars, micro-credentialing resources for staff and workshops to build capacity in workforce planning.”

Jobs Queensland Board Chair, Donna Bonney said the release of this latest report marks the conclusion of Jobs Queensland’s multi-year NDIS Workforce Skills project.

“The increase in NDIS service delivery over recent years has created significant demand for workers to deliver these services,” she said.

“The project has demonstrated the importance of collaborating with Industry to develop initiatives and solutions to grow the NDIS workforce to meet needs of the Industry now and into the future.

“The report outlines key action areas to focus on to continue to strengthen Queensland’s NDIS workforce – workforce planning and development, training and skills, and contribution to policy development.

“These actions also align with the Good people. Good jobs: Queensland Workforce Strategy 2022-2032 and partnering with the health and community services sectors to create and implement industry-led workforce development strategies.

“Jobs Queensland is proud to be supporting the development and delivery of industry-led, government enabled activities that will support workforce development, attraction and retention in these sectors,” Ms Bonney said.

Research highlights

The report provides data that shows that while there has been an increase of NDIS providers, demand for services is also on the rise. Responses need to be scalable and flexible to meet emerging challenges as this increase continues.

The research shows that workforce shortages are occurring across frontline roles, such as aged care and disability carers and allied health professionals but in other parts of the organisations such as rostering, management and human resources.

Through the research period more innovative approaches were implemented by government and Industry to encourage and grow the availability of skilled workers particularly in rural and remote areas.

The research showed that there had been a significant increase of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander NDIS participants – nearly doubling during the time of reporting.

What is important to see is the increase of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander NDIS providers – close to 16%. Increasing NDIS participants access to more culturally safe and appropriate services as well as being able to stay on Country.

This focus on our First Nations peoples needs as well as those from other Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Backgrounds is key in addressing sector workforce issues.

During the research period, four workforce initiatives were rolled out providing scalable solutions for organisations. These are the:

  • Workforce Planning Connect Toolkit
  • Allied Health Assistants Good Practice Guide
  • Guide to NDIS traineeships using Group Training
  • Online resources hub with key resources and access to key information

Organisations can continue to access and engage with CSIA to implement the tools and resources into the recruitment, onboarding and retention of their NDIS workforce.

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