The Strengthening Queensland’s NDIS Workforce 2022 report has been the released, showing the changes, challenges and innovative solutions in the workforce over the past three years. It is the final in a series of three research reports examining the state of the NDIS workforce across Queensland.

CSIA partnered with Jobs Queensland (JQ), and previously through the WorkAbility Consortium, to undertake the research and build responses that would support growing the NDIS workforce.

But what does this mean for you? We have all the insights you need to support the growth of your NDIS workforce (even if your workforce is you as a sole provider).

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Overview of the findings

What we are doing is working…but as demand continues to grow, we need to continue to scale this work to meet the ongoing needs of NDIS participants.

Over the research period, we saw that while the NDIS workforce grew, it wasn’t enough to keep pace with the growth of NDIS participants. Worker turnover rates also remain high with shortages across a number of roles.

These workforce shortages are occurring not just in the frontline but with office roles as well including rostering, management and human resources.

But through the research period we saw actions and activities underway that are meeting the challenges experienced in growing and retaining our NDIS workforce in Queensland.

While this reinforces what we already know, the research shaped workforce initiatives including key resources, tools and workshops, to accelerate workforce growth.

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Growth in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander providers

Before we delve into the workforce solutions to support your workforce growth, it’s important we take a moment to look at the research findings around the First Nations NDIS workforce.

There has been a significant increase of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander participants – nearly doubling during the research period.

This has been met with a notable increase of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander NDIS providers – close to 16 per cent. This means that participants can stay on their Country to receive supports that are culturally appropriate and safe.

It also highlights that as organisations we need to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander NDIS providers and workers.

This is something we have been focussing on at CSIA. During the research period, we delivered the Get NDIS Ready seminar program to empower new Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander providers. With State Government funding and partnering with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander business expert trainers from IM, there were more than 34 online and in community seminars.

The recordings of the online seminars continue to be available for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people looking to build a business or grow an existing business through the NDIS.


The workforce initiatives growing the NDIS workforce

Four key workforce initiatives were developed during the project period with tools and resources to support community services organisations to build their workforce.

These are available on the CSIA website, including any recordings of workshops:

Retention and training of the workforce is a big challenge for Industry. Micro-credentials are a flexible learning tool to provide smaller chunks of learning that support the worker induction process.

CSIA has partnered with Tafe Queensland and Industry to launch Micro-credentials including:


Queensland Workforce Strategy

Many of the challenges raised through the research, and the innovative Industry-led solutions being implemented across the state, were used to inform the Queensland Workforce Strategy.

The actions and plans in this strategy align with the findings and recommendations.

CSIA is also one of the Queensland Care Consortium partners, an initiative from the Queensland Workforce Strategy.

The QCC is committed to supporting the development and delivery of Industry-led, government-enabled activities that will support workforce development, attraction and retention in Queensland’s Health and Community Services sectors. In early 2023

Consortium members includes Jobs Queensland, CSIA, CheckUP Australia, QCOSS and The Services Union.

In March, the QCC opened a round of funding for the design and implementation of projects that enable sustainable place-based attraction, development and retention activities to meet gaps in the sectors’ local workforce planning and development efforts. Applications have closed and successful applicants will be announced in due course on the Jobs Queensland website.

While significant progress has been made in growing the NDIS workforce in Queensland, there is still much work to be done. CSIA, Jobs Queensland and all our partners are focused on continuing to expand that progress.

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