Experiencing Burnout can be debilitating for some, but there are ways we can spot the signs and symptoms early to help prevent it. In this online webinar you will learn:

  • Awareness of what burnout is and what it might look like to different people
  • Knowledge of the risks/triggers for burnout.
  • Hope by obtaining evidence-based knowledge of the steps to prevent, respond and grow from burnout
  • Validation and normalisation of the experience of burnout
  • The workplace environment – how can leaders assist staff who are experiencing burnout and how can we create positive workplace environments to mitigate burnout

Meet the speakers

Join CSIA CEO Cheryl Schmidt and an impressive lineup of guest speakers who will share personal experiences and evidence-based knowledge of burnout.

Shannon Swales Clinical Psychologist, Author (Nothing Left to Give), Podcast Host (When Burnout Becomes Reality), Burnout Psychology Support Owner/Operator and Burnout lived experience

Nichola Browning retired nurse (30 plus years across public, private, not-for-profit and corporate sectors), health advocate, changemaker and Burnout lived experience

Sarah Kuipers MSc Burnout and Stress in Health Profs, Bestselling Author (Thriving Giver) lecturer, trainer and resilience coach

Carolyn Grant CEO People Plus Science (Organisational Advisor on people, culture, organisational design and consumer advocacy), researcher and publisher of the Psychological Safety Australian Benchmark in Boardrooms and Organisations and Author of Legacy Leadership

Please find a list of resources, books and public supports here.