If a worker currently holds a valid NDIS worker screening clearance, this can be used in a risk assessed role in Queensland, regardless of where the clearance was issued. This is because the NDIS worker screening clearance is a nationally recognised check.

Workers with a valid NDIS worker screening clearance are not required to apply for an NDIS worker screening check in Queensland. Instead, they can provide employer organisations with their interstate NDIS Worker Screening ID. NDIS providers can verify a worker’s NDIS clearance status and eligibility to work within the national NDIS database (PRODA).

An NDIS worker screening clearance will not be issued in Queensland if a worker holds a current clearance in another State or Territory in Australia.

Workers can check if they are eligible to apply for a NDIS worker screening clearance by using the Eligibility Calculator on the Queensland Government Disability Worker Screening website or seeing the resources section on the website for more information.