Over the past few years, Cassie has been the Boosting Local Care Workforce Regional Coordinator for Central Queensland, North Queensland and Far North Queensland. Cassie is a proud Yir Yorant woman, living and working on the lands of the Darumbal People.

Now a Regional Development Officer, Cassie is moving into the leadership of a variety of initiatives that are critical to the success of our industry.

Her focus (and passion) is on enabling community services organisations and service providers to build and grow sustainable businesses within the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). “I’m excited about your business and the work you are doing,” she says about community services organisations, especially in regional and remote areas.

You will find her working with community services organisations on the lands spanning those of the Kaurareg people to those of the Taribelang. These are the lands now known as Torres Strait Islands (Zenadh Kes) to Bundaberg.

For Cassie, it’s all about building relationships. She enjoys a yarn over a coffee as well as connecting at key meetings, events and other discussions. Cassie sits on a number of local community network and business groups. She also leads the Small Business and Sole Trader Business Network.

One of the other actions Cassie delivers for her region is finding out what organisations and their workforces need, as well as understanding the big issues and challenges they face. The reason she does this is because she elevates these to government and stakeholders to inform planning and solutions. Cassie investigates what she hears and brings the latest ideas, information and insights back to community to help organisations do business better.

With an eye to building the workforce, Cassie sees the community services as a career for people of all ages. Her work includes new ways to attract, recruit and retain workers, especially in rural and remote areas.

Find out more about the Boosting the Local Care Workforce and the work Cassie does.

Cassie’s background spans more than a decade in the community services. She brings her own lived experience to the role. When Cassie says she is going to do something, she does. That’s why we are excited to have her on the team and connecting across regional and remote Queensland.

If you are in the Far North QLD, North QLD or Central QLD region, Cassie wants to hear from you.  She can connect you with the right information, the right people and the right opportunities to advance your business so you can get on with delivering the services.