Harriet leads and contributes to multiple projects that support the CSIA’s Commissioning for Outcomes agenda. Specifically, she is leading phase two of the Tailored Support Program project and supporting the Homelessness Investment Project. 

She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to these projects that aims to advance the Community Services Industry to do business better. 

Harriet graduated from the University of Glasgow with Honours in a Master of Arts (Social and Public Policy). She then went on to work in Policy in Child and Family Reform at The Centre for Excellence in Child and Family Welfare in Melbourne

At the Centre, she was actively involved in assisting Victorian child and family services organisations to understand their position in the National Redress Scheme (a Royal Commission recommendation). Harriet gave evidence to the Parliamentary Joint Select Committee on oversight of the Scheme’s implementation 

In her next role as a Senior Education and Capacity Building Advisor at the Victorian Commission for Children and Young People, Harriet worked to support the safety and wellbeing of children and young people across a broad range of organisations.

In her time here, she designed, developed content and lead the event management on a series of full-day training workshops across Victoria. The series focused on organisational obligations and their capacity to complete investigations into child abuse and child-related misconduct under Victoria’s Reportable Conduct Scheme.