While CSIA is advancing the Community Services Industry, Karen is behind the scenes keeping our operations running smoothly. She is also a member of CSIA’s leadership team.

Her primary responsibilities include the management of all core CSIA business operations such as human resources, information technology and legislative compliance. She also supports the CEO and jointly manages the office.

In her role, Karen knows that everything she develops, implements or manages will support an organisation that in turn supports an Industry directly changing lives.

Karen is one of those people who garners great satisfaction from streamlining processes to support staff achieve strategic outcomes.

The team are grateful for her excellence in process, organisational skills and an exceptional eye for detail.

With more than 30-years’ experience at all levels of finance and administration, Karen has fine-tuned her ability to lead and manage business activities, strategies and projects. This is especially true regarding Government funded projects.

She has spent the past 12-years in the Community Services Industry.