Kylie is an inspiring and practical leader across the workforce agenda. She is respected Industry-wide for her capacity to bring people together for candid, participatory, local responses to local problems.  

Kylie is a highly skilled project manager. She is full of determination when it comes to strengthening the Community Services’ workforce.   

She backs it all up with 15 years’ experience. During this time she has managed volunteers, capacity building, planning and developing workforces across the Community Services Industryalways with a focus on regional needs and solutions.  

Throughout her career, Kylie has successfully delivered cornerstone Disability Sector initiatives. In more recent years, these have included the following substantial NDIS readiness projects: 

  • Sector Readiness and Workforce Capacity Initiative 
  • Qld Disability Workforce Innovation Network 
  • WorkAbility Queensland 

She is passionate about working with stakeholders at a local level. Here she helps them identify the challenges and opportunities facing their workforce. She follows this up by collaborating on creative but practical solutions.  

Now, in her role as Lead Regional Coordinator for the Boosting the Local Care Workforce project new sparks are ignited for Kylie.  

She is building service provider capability and capacity that enables these organisations to get a competitive leg-up in a crowded NDIS market. The programs she delivers helps them to identify the local issues and market gaps that present opportunities for growth, expansion, stability and collaboration.  

What happens next is real multi-level change. It is rewarding and motivating.  

For Kylie, the end goal is to create relevant and useful solutions that support individual stakeholders, service providers and the Industry alike.  

In addition to this, she is supporting the continued growth of an effective and vibrant NDIS marketplace, and capacity building the Community Services Industry at large.