Matthew is our Acting CEO and brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the role.

For the past six years, as General Manager, Programs at the CSIA, Matthew played a high-level visionary leadership role and has been a key member of the executive leadership team.  

Matthew is responsible for the overall delivery of the CSIA’s projects and contracts, ensuring they line up with the organisation’s objectives, vision and strategic goals. He manages risk, legislative compliance, and financial aspects of every project as well as building purposeful relationships across Industry to advance the Community Services Industry through doing business better 

In this role he continues to deliver leadership of workforce initiatives that promote equity and diversity, learning and development, and the encouragement of relationships across the Industry.  

Matthew is passionate about strategic workforce planning for the future. Before joining the CSIA team, Matthew spent 10 years delivering workforce planning. Here he delivered impressive outcomes on strategies and projects that further developed the workforces of many different community service sectors. 

He is a community services and industry development professional with extensive experience in non-profit organisations across Queensland, New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory. Matthew brings more than 30 years’ experience gained from across a variety of health promotion, policy development, advocacy, engagement, stakeholder management, project and contract management roles.