As Marketing and Communications Manager, Renee delivers the organisation’s marketing strategy and direction as part of the leadership team.

She oversees a team of equally dedicated specialists. Together they bring Industry the events, information, stories and access to resources, reports and tool to enable Community Services Industry to advance through doing business better.

She inspires best practice Industry-wide through the telling of stakeholder stories via the mix of written, spoken and visual mediums. And when each day is done, she finds her own daily inspiration in being a part of big-scale positive change across the Community Services Industry.

Renee’s marketing and communications leadership springboards from a robust pillar of experience and connection to the Community Services Industry. Moved by people and their stories, Renee’s ability to find the true depth and motivators in any situation makes her a uniquely powerful marketer.

She is genuine and relentless in her mission to bring equity and inclusion to everyone she meets, and indeed to those whose stories she may never even get to hear.