Sam Roberts, a proud GunaiKurnai man, is a highly skilled finance professional with a passion for community engagement and creating positive change. He has worked in various industries, including Aboriginal Corporations, Federal Government, Recruitment, and Mining, and has advised several groups, including RAP Committees, Cultural and Educational Groups, and Sub-Committees, to boards, including Regional Housing Limited.

In Sam’s current role, his team develops the reports supporting the Strategy of IBA, providing various committees, including the Board, Audit/Risk, and Finance/Investments, with the information required to drive the strategic direction of IBA.

Born with Cerebral Palsy, Sam has a unique perspective which can add valuable insights to the Board make-up, specifically in addressing challenges faced by youth, and in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community.

He is passionate about positively impacting the community by utilising his skills and expertise to influence all levels of government and the community.

Sam is a Chartered Accountant with further knowledge from a Graduate Diploma in Financial Technologies Management and a Certificate in Public Policy.