Vanessa has extensive experience in social policy development and project management. Within government, Vanessa has held roles within human services portfolios, including:

  • direct delivery and management of housing services
  • management of government investment in homelessness and family violence responses
  • the consultative design of new initiatives, including for people exiting custody
  • the co-design of service integration prototypes
  • intergovernmental policy, with a focus on improving opportunities for young people and people experiencing social exclusion.

In these roles, Vanessa has shared her hope and optimism for a better future, and demonstrated her ability to build stepping stones in the right direction. In her more recent endeavours, Vanessa has been developing her emergent capabilities in participatory design and systems thinking.

Now at the CSIA as a Senior Project Lead for the Homelessness Investment Project, Vanessa is able to solidify the work she’s previously embarked on. Coming at it from a new angle, Vanessa is sparking cross-Industry conversations about how we strengthen our focus on the people and communities at the centre of our investment ecosystem.

Her favourite aspect of working at the CSIA is the fabulous people she is able to work with, exploring ideas and learning from their experiences.