CSIA operates in the same dynamic and ever-changing environment as our industry partners. 

To deliver and advance our objectives in the current environment requires a strategy that is flexible but still has the capacity to galvanise our efforts. 



Annual Plan

CSIA has developed an Annual Plan looking at the year ahead. This plan will be revised and evaluated with the Outcomes Framework (below) every year. 

   Download a copy of the Plan. 

In 2018, we began using the Theory of Change framework as a key tool in several major projects. Seeing the benefits this brought to our projects, we took the opportunity to step out business through the framework process. 

 Download a copy 

As a result, we have articulated a shared understanding of how the activities and methods we we use in our work lead to the outcomes and goals we are seeking to achieve. We have a better framework for evaluating the impact and success of our efforts over time.