The Business Maturity Scorecard is a consistent way to measure business maturity and report on improvements over time.


A joint initiative of the Queensland Family and Child Commission and CSIA.

The Business Maturity Scorecard is a business development tool designed for and by the Community Services Industry.

It is a high quality, easy to use, interactive resource guiding you through questions across eight business areas.  

You will receive a full report with an analysis of your organisation’s strengths and areas of development in less than 20 minutes.



“I can see the significant value this will bring to Industry. The benefits of a relatively simple mechanism to identify organisational strength and areas of development, are in my opinion, invaluable, for consideration by an organisation.”

Mick Austin, State Director, Key Assets Queensland and Allied Outcomes 

Track Your Performance Across Eight Business Domains

The Scorecard provides your organisation with a way to measure, record and track your performance across eight business domains:

  • Transparency and Accountability
  • Funding and Financing
  • Research and Innovation
  • Collaboration and Cooperation
  • Digital Capability
  • Outcomes Focus
  • Workforce
  • Governance



What You Receive

By using the Business Maturity Scorecard you will receive:

  • Your own individual login which is mapped to your organisation through its ABN
  • An unlimited number of Business Maturity Scorecards
  • A dashboard for recording all your Business Maturity Scores accessible online at anytime
  • A full report each time you come back outlining your organisation’s scores against each domain with an analysis of strength and areas of development
  • Reports that are PDF formatted, accessible via your dashboard and are designed to be easily printed, emailed and saved
  • The opportunity to come back again and again to test your improvements.

How to use your report

  • Identify areas of the organisation to focus on growing/improving
  • Use the report to inform your board of progress and achievements
  • Inform strategic planning and investment decisions
  • Improve your organisation’s sustainability
  • Inform risk planning
  • Report internally to staff on your team’s success.


‘The ability to complete the scorecard regularly and its link to an organisation’s strategic planning is a big strength of the process. I can also see its usefulness in sector partnership discussions to more keenly focus their work.’

Luke Tempany, Business Development and Strategic Partnerships Manager, Children, Youth and Families, Churches of Christ Care

Contribute to Industry Development

When you use the Business Maturity Scorecard you contribute to the collation of a comprehensive sector-wide data set on business maturity. Aggregated data will provide insights that inform how best to direct investment in Industry development, offer opportunities to promote the strengths of Industry and provide benchmarks for your organisation.

Our Commitment to your data

CSIA commits to you that:

  • Your organisation’s individual data will not be released publicly
  • We will maintain responsibility for holding your data and only release aggregated data 
  • We are only interested in the lessons to be learnt from the aggregate data across Industry.
  • At times the aggregate data from the Business Maturity Scorecard will be shared and utilised with our partners across Industry and Government for the afore mentioned purpose, no data related to individual organisations or persons will be released.

For further information related to the management of data entered in the Business Maturity Scorecard please check out