CSIA is leading a Commissioning for Outcomes project that will co-develop with Industry a new Tailored Support Program investment logic.

Using the System Excellence Framework from the Commissioning for Outcomes: An Industry-led Approach report, CSIA partnered with 16 Industry service providers and the Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women to develop an Industry-led program logic for the Intensive Foster Care service stream.

The first phase of this project involved engagement with Industry drawing out key themes through more than 20 discovery interviews, developing a Theory of Change with Industry, drafting a new program design and producing a plan for implementing the Theory of Change.

Read about the two-day design process with Industry to influence and shape a new investment logic in this blog.

A key achievement of this work has been the consensus between Industry and government towards positive change.

The Theory of Change will be implemented in 2020. Sign up to Ignite enews for updates on this project.