A developmental approach to investment reform.

CSIA is partnering with Industry and the Department of Housing and Public Works (DHPW) to shape outcomes-focused investment in the homelessness sector.

Sharing findings of the Commissioning for Outcomes: An Industry-led Approach report in May 2018 led to new and different conversations about the future of the Community Services Industry. What emerged was a strong desire for change.

The Department of Housing and Public Works (DHPW) heard similar desires during their wider consultations around the Queensland Housing Strategy.

In late 2018, CSIA entered into a partnership with DHPW and began the Specialist Homelessness Services (SHS) Investment project which is delivered in three phases.

Phase One: Looking at the current and future state of homelessness investment

The first phase of the project involved intensive Industry research through case studies, discovery interviews, focus groups and workshops with Industry and government, academic research and literature as well as analysis of data about people using the Specialist Homelessness Services and concentrations of SHS investment. 

This culminated in the comprehensive 50-page Current and Future State Report presented to government with all the findings, resources and recommendations from the first phase.

Read about how Industry and government worked together to develop a Theory of Change and scope out demonstration projects for phase two in this blog

Phase Two: Demonstration projects

CSIA is now delivering phase two of the project where the draft operational and strategic level theories of change developed in the first phase are being tested through three demonstration projects. 

The demonstration projects will look at different elements of the commissioning cycle:

  • Bringing the voice of services users into the centre of investment in Brisbane
  • Outcomes-focused investment governance in Logan
  • Designing a logic for outcomes-focused investment in Cairns.

Read more about the demonstration projects in this blog.

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If you have any questions or would like to talk about the SHS Project contact the CSIA team.