Do you want a meaningful job helping people?

There are CARER and SUPPORT WORKER roles across the community services that are perfect for you!

In fact, it’s the fastest growing workforce and now is the time to get on board.

It’s easy! Even if you don’t have all the qualifications.

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Are you a student looking to gain experience while you study? 

With a completed profile on Job Match, you will be considered for Carer or Support Worker roles. You will gain the experience you need working with a range of service users. So whether you are studying across allied health, social work, aged care, disability services or mental health, working as a carer opens doors for you.

Do you need flexible working arrangements that match your life? 

Joining Job Match connects you with organisations that need workers who are available at all different times. This is a great arrangement for mums or dads to work school hours, anyone studying or who has hobbies, is training for sport, writers, a side business or even just wants to earn more money.

Are you looking for your next career move or more hours?

Put your relevant community services qualification and experience to work. There are organisations who are looking for full time, part time, contract and casual workers. Whether you want additional hours across services providers, or want to take the next step in your career, simply complete a profile so employers with vacancies can connect with you. Job Match is here to elevate your career.

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The steps are easy:

  • Click on a registration button and create an account
  • Check your email for your verification code (and your junk if it’s not there)
  • Click on the Job Match Logo to connect to the recruitment platform
  • Complete the four questions but don’t stop there!
  • Add in your key information like qualifications and work experience

Stand out from the crowd with a complete and up to date profile!

Being a Carer or Support Worker in the Community Services 

A job as a carer or support worker offers variety – you can be organising games for young people with disabilities to supporting the elderly living in facilities. No two days are the same! But end each one with the smile from real people because you’ve made a difference.

There is flexibility for you as worker – you can work for multiple employers, full-time, part-time or casual.

Do you have other commitments in your life and need a job where you work school hours, nights, weekends or even just one day a week, or maybe two? Then a role as a carer or support worker is right for you.

Pandemic proof your career. In times of disaster, support worker and carer roles are important for people who still need support even in times of crisis. You will receive the training and equipment you need to be safe at all times.

YES! I want to start working in the community services