As the COVID-19 situation evolves, infection control and management, with a focus on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is the key focus of community services organisations. Services need to be delivered to service users in a way that keeps everyone safe.

We have a suite of resources developed by Industry, for Industry, to help you accelerate your planning and preparation.

There is the 30 minute COVID 19 - Infection Control Training course from Australian Department of Health that all staff should be encouraged to complete. It steps through what COVID-19 is, the signs and symptoms, keeping safe by protecting yourself and others, and myth busting.

The following materials have been adapted to work by a community service organisation. You can review and modify them to meet your organisation’s needs:

A3 POSTER: Warning poster about entering a premise

LOG SHEET: Coronavirus screening – staff or visitors denied entry log

FACTSHEET: with FAQs for employees about actions taken

GUIDELINES: Managing an outbreak in a facility

TALKING POINTS: Key points for management and team leaders to speak through with staff

Queensland Health has a range of resources and information to support your infection prevention and control planning and implementation.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Understanding what you need, when you will need it and how to use it properly is important over the coming months. We have put together a guide with the information you need for preparing for and using PPE.

Planning your PPE needs for the coming months is critical to make sure you have enough.


Prevention and mitigation measures are key! The best things your staff can do:

·       Wash their hands regularly

·       Avoid touching their eyes, nose and mouth

·       Practise social distancing

·       Practise respiratory hygiene.


CSIA Industry Hotline 1800 027 420

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Help shape the Industry and State Government’s response to COVID-19 through the CSIA Industry Hotline. In one call you can share your organisation’s challenge, what you are doing around business continuity and pandemic planning, as well as workforce planning and engaging with your clients as the situation evolves.  
The CSIA Industry Hotline on 1800 027 420 is now open Monday to Friday between 8:30am and 5pm for your input, to answer some key questions and to also access a Q&A service of information, resources, tools and referrals.