CSIA, with co-host QCOSS, has convened an Industry Taskforce with representatives from 26 community services organisations from across the state.

The aim of the Taskforce is to build insights and anticipate issues that would arise in a way that accelerates Industry’s capacity to respond.

The Taskforce meets weekly with an agenda that includes discussing emerging challenges for organisations across the state, sharing learnings and resources, and working together to rapidly develop responses.

CSIA is sharing these challenges and responses with State Government to form part of their COVID-19 Community Services Industry response.

Between sessions, CSIA takes the big issues around business continuity and workforce planning offline and designs new practical responses to workshop at the next sessions. These responses will enable Industry to continue delivering essential services.

The Taskforce is just one of the ways CSIA is engaging with Industry. We have a number of avenues for community services organisations to share their challenges, insights and local responses. You can also send an email to disaster@csialtd.com.au.

CSIA is here to advance the Community Services Industry through doing business better, especially in times of disaster and health crisis events.


CSIA Industry Hotline 1800 027 420

We want to hear from you about your organisation's specific needs.

Help shape the Industry and State Government’s response to COVID-19 through the CSIA Industry Hotline. In one call you can share your organisation’s challenge, what you are doing around business continuity and pandemic planning, as well as workforce planning and engaging with your clients as the situation evolves.  
The CSIA Industry Hotline on 1800 027 420 is now open Monday to Friday between 8:30am and 5pm for your input, to answer some key questions and to also access a Q&A service of information, resources, tools and referrals.