Our strategy

As experienced community services professionals, we pride ourselves on building long-term, healthy relationships. 

Strong strategy begins with a defined vision, an invested team and a common purpose.

To ensure the CSIA is driving the Community Services Industry in the right direction, we perform detailed research and communicate results to stakeholders, members and partners.

To create change, we focus on five key strategic domains:

  • identifying new thinking and ideas
  • valuing performance and outcomes
  • creating and nurturing useful connections
  • providing trusted advice
  • building a broader and bigger investment base.

Find out more about our strategy and become a catalyst for change. 

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Identifying new thinking and ideas

The CSIA strives to implement innovative approaches from around Australia and the world to improve the way we work.

For the Community Services Industry to be competitive, effective and sustainable well into the future, we need to capitalise on new ideas and evidence.

A strategic view of future challenges and opportunities is essential.

We must be prepared to experiment, take risks and prepare to learn from both successes and failures.

We will share lessons learnt and emerging talent to help the Industry become a world leader.

Valuing performance and outcomes

We will prove we’re making positive and substantial change in people’s lives by equipping the Industry with the tools and techniques to improve knowledge, systems and ways to appropriately identify and assess contributions to outcomes.

As individual organisations, and as part of a service system, our communities, funders, investors, and community service providers all expect more in terms of our performance.

Our outcomes and goals are all different, but we can all strive for higher standards.

Creating and nurturing useful connections

We will grow by learning from each other, and reducing waste and overlap.

One of our Industry’s greatest strengths is our ability to build and nurture relationships.

These bonds help us to meet our missions as we work with our clients, communities and with government.

It is time to evolve our relationships, to think about their strategic intentions, and to expand our networks to bring in new resources, new thinking and new ideas.

These new connections can help us critically reflect on our services and our outcomes, and give us an opportunity to re-imagine ourselves in an ever-changing environment.  

Providing trusted advice

Let’s build our reputation as a trusted source of information about the Industry to all stakeholders – the Industry, business and government.

Securing a consistent, transparent and data driven picture of our Industry's profile is a key year-on-year priority.

With so much reform activity occurring, high quality information is critical to the cultural and structural changes to our Industry.

To increase efficiency and effectiveness we will require access to high quality corporate services which meet the needs of small and large, urban, and regional and remote services.

We aim to inspire when we interact with our stakeholders.

Building a broader and bigger investment base

We will create change in the lives of more people by finding more investment from more sources. 

It is time to reduce our over reliance on government funding and diversify our resource base.

We will use our own assets to leverage new resources; using capital in a dynamic and purposeful way to deliver our organisational missions and vision.

Building on existing fundraising traditions and increasing our relationships with philanthropists and individual donors will be critical.

We’ll forge new relationships with value aligned corporate partners who want to share in the value of what we deliver.

We need to investigate unfamiliar sources of investment.

We need to create new champions for our causes.

The CSIA and Industry intelligence

The CSIA takes an Industry specific approach in developing up-to-date policy, new programs and innovative projects.

We do this by:

  • bringing our Foundation Members together to think strategically about the Industry's current and future state
  • participating in Industry networks and forums
  • listening to the views of stakeholders about our Industry.

The CSIA has made a strong commitment to understanding the Industry in all its forms, and in all its locations. This means that we travel regularly to meet with regional members and stakeholders.

We also challenge ourselves to maintain connections outside the scope of our Industry, proactively seeking to learn different problem solving methods from experts in complementary fields.

Through these relationships, we discover new ways of identifying and utilising emerging opportunities.

Talk with us about your insights into our Industry.

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We'd love to:

  • speak to your organisation
  • talk at an event
  • engage with a local or regional Industry network. 

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