Our mission

The CSIA is here to advance the business and sustainability of community services organisations in order to make a bigger difference to people's lives.

The Community Services Industry Alliance (CSIA) aims to increase the capacity and viability of community services organisations, and secure a prosperous future for the Industry. 

CSIA will grow the business of the Community Services Industry by: 

  • engaging internally and externally with organisations and stakeholders on industry development matters
  • influencing and advocating for policy reform, representing the Industry at all levels of government, and with other industries
  • informing and educating on Industry benchmarks, best practice and organisational development
  • leading the Industry in identifying challenges and acting on opportunities, such as increasing productivity and innovation. 

Our values

The CSIA focuses on three key values to inform every decision we make. From our strategies to our resources, we keep our members at the core of what we do. Whether we’re working together to achieve great things or facilitating further education, we’re there for our people. 

Working together

The CSIA will work to support the Industry; working together by strengthening existing relationships and building on new ones.

Valuing mission and means

The CSIA understands the business of community services. We will support the Industry to maximise their means of achieving efficiency without compromising mission. Afterall, mission is at the very heart of what the Industry does.

New thinking

The CSIA will facilitate access to information and resources that support new thinking where it improves outcomes for vulnerable individuals and communities.