Meet the Community Services Reform Council

The Community Services Reform Council

The Community Services Reform Council will provide strategic advice, knowledge, insights and recommendations to the CSIA Board to help shape policy.

The establishment of the Council represents a new way of drawing on thought leadership in the Community Services Industry and further shaping the Community Services Industry Alliance’s (CSIA) approach to Industry leadership, reform and transformation.

The Council provides an opportunity to comprehensively consider complex issues affecting the business of community service delivery.

They will employ a policy development methodology that provides a systematic and rigorous approach to critical thinking. 

Heather Watson, Chair of the Council, says "the Community Services Reform Council will engage in open and creative discussion to inform new and innovative ways for the Community Services Industry to lead and drive change”

Made up of 12 outstanding leaders from across Australia, the Council is accountable to the CSIA Board and there are two standing positions on the Council for CSIA Board members. 

The Community Services Reform Council meets quarterly and a communique is released after each meeting.

Community Services Reform Council member profiles

Heather Watson (Chair)

David Swain

Ivan Frkovic

Alisa Hall

Mick Austin

Doug Taylor, David Swain, Jo Cavanagh, Amanda Mather, Mick Austin, Kathryn Quintel, Elisabeth Shaw, Heather Watson (Chair), Alisa Hall, Ivan Frkovic, Carolyn Curtis  –  Absent: Ricki Jeffery