Community organisations collect a lot of data about the business of community service delivery. This data represents a great opportunity for organisations and the broader Industry to build evidence about the business of community service delivery.  But this data is rarely aggregated across organisations. 

CSIA wants to change that through an Industry collaboration. 

In areas such as workforce, investment, fundraising and outcomes, we believe there is a powerful story to tell about the business of community service delivery and we want to work with Industry to unlock data to do this.  

We are developing a partnership with the Griffith University’s Regional Innovation Data Lab who have the expertise and ability to store, aggregate and understand Industry data in a way that we can all benefit from.

How to be involved

The first step is about Industry coming together around shaping this initiative.

CSIA is calling on organisations to put forward an Expression of Interest to be involved. You can email your name, title, organisation and interest area to or complete the form below. 

The Community Services Industry Data Alliance is another CSIA collaboration to advance Industry by doing business better.

Why should the Community Services Industry aggregate data?

The community services are experiencing unprecedented change. To meet these changes, find new opportunities and thrive, we must find new ways of understanding and reporting on the ecosystem we operate, carve out supply chains to benefit everyone and understand trends and changes in the data. Together we can create the information we need to make real system level change.

At least nine other industries are reaping the rewards and opportunities of Industry data. Travel and hospitality, health, energy and oil, public sector, banking and education are just a few who have found new prospects through sharing and aggregating data. Doing this has been proven to work, learnings we can take into this new process.

Have questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page about the Data Alliance. 

Join with Industry to shape this exciting new initiative.

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