Connie, the Cape of Continuity

At the same time, community-based organisations (CBOs) are often faced with their own business continuity challenges. Their own infrastructure can be threatened or compromised at exactly the time there is huge demand for their resources and capabilities. 

Use these resources to make sure your CBO can recover in time to help those that really need them during a disaster. 


Community-based organisations (CBOs) are well placed to provide essential community recovery services as they are part of disaster-affected communities, have established relationships, have built reservoirs of trust and understand the community’s needs. Conversely, by virtue of being part of the community, CBOs are also vulnerable to the same impacts of the disaster that has a ected the broader community. In short, just when CBOs are most needed they are also most likely to have their service delivery capabilities disrupted.”

– Policy Innovation Hub, Griffith University 

Disaster management and recovery: A toolkit supporting and encouraging the role of community-based organisations



Connie, the Cape of Continuity

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