A Workforce Innovation Network event exploring new approaches to attraction and recruitment of staff.

Are you interested in innovative and collaborative strategies to attract and recruit workers in this competitive market?

Join us at this online event where we bring you speakers who are finding new ways to be seen by the workers they want.

Walk away with insights, tools and opportunities from our speakers who will share how they have developed, tested and refined their recruitment strategies.

Meet our Speakers

CSIA General Manager Programs Matthew Gillett and guest speakers will share insights and learnings you need to know now, to grow your most important asset, your workforce!

Centacare Recruitment Manager Leigh-Anne Keir

Centacare has taken a collaborative approach to working with Job Actives in attracting, training and recruiting staff. And the results speak for themselves!

Since 2018 Centacare has been working in partnership with HELP Enterprises continuously evolving the way they work together. They are seeing more suitable candidates walk through their doors saving the organisation time and resources and providing their clients with better support.

In this session hear from Leigh-Anne Keir about how they developed shared understanding, built trust and integrated their resources with HELP Enterprises.

Walk away with the key ingredients of success when setting up and fostering your relationships with Job Actives.


UnitingCare Workforce Planning Specialist, People and Culture Michelle Templin

Faced with increasing service demand and skilled workforce shortages, the community services industry needs to explore and adopt more innovative workforce planning models. A model that is gaining increased traction is a locally-led Grow Your Own (GYO) approach.

GYO is a place-based workforce model that is applicable to any sector, and involves strategies to attract, develop, support and retain a sustainable pipeline of local workers of all working ages and backgrounds.

The GYO model is not a one-size fits all approach. Each region has its own workforce issues, opportunities and challenges that require tailored solutions.  While each community may require different initiatives, networks and relationships there are some common factors for success.

Hear from Michelle Templin about the GYO approach, key elements for success and how to get started including resources available to support you.

UnitingCare Indigenous Workforce Advisor Kim Ezzy

UnitingCare Queensland identified a need to grow and retain a workforce to better reflect their Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients, service delivery, and business needs.

Taking a Grow Your Own approach they developed new strategies to attract Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander job seekers into the organisation, while providing ongoing career development opportunities for existing workers.

Through partnerships with the Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships (DATSIP), Yourtown, and employment service providers, UnitingCare Queensland has implemented a traineeship program to provide opportunities for individuals, both full-time and school-based, to gain ‘hands on’ paid workplace experience whilst completing their relevant Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualification.

Hear from Kim Ezzy about this GYO approach, the results and lessons learned in investing in and developing targeted opportunities.

CSIA Community Services Job Match Project Manager Louise Hughes

Job Match is the online meeting place for job seekers and employers across the Community Services Industry.

Born from anticipated fast-paced workforce changes at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the Job Match platform now has attracted approximately 75 employers, 180 HR representatives and almost 470 job seekers registered as users on the database.

With proof-of-concept in hand, the team behind the Job Match platform are now scoping the evolution of this innovative solution to our industry’s unique workforce needs.

Louise Hughes will show you how the platform can benefit you as well as get you excited about the future of our workforce attraction, recruitment and retention practices.


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