An event series to empower you and your organisation’s disaster and pandemic planning and preparedness.

Boosting the Local Care Workforce Program in partnership with CSIA are hosting this timely session!

This event is for organisations in Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania.

The aim is to help you review and develop your disaster ready plans – your business continuity plan, scenario planning, including people with disabilities and more!

Gain deeper insights that will help you review your current plans or develop any you identify through the session as missing from your organisation.

This session is for organisations at every stage of preparedness. It brings the latest insights, resources and information gained through disaster and the recent COVID-19 pandemic events.

Planning and preparedness can’t be done alone! It’s through collaboration and connection that we can plan and deliver strong responses to disaster and pandemic events.

Come together with service providers to hear from speakers who have expertise in the key areas and learnings you can use immediately.

Walk away with resources and tools that will help you with your next steps.

Be ready to go through and focus on:

  • Covid-19 safe checklist and planning
  • Business continuity planning
  • Scenario planning
  • Person centred disaster planning

Speakers and Panel members will be:

  • Matthew Gillett, General Manager – Programs, CSIA
  • Michelle Villeneuve, Associate Professor, The University of Sydney
  • Laura Green, General Manager Operations, Oncall Group Australia
  • Amanda Lamont, co-founder, the Australasian Women in Emergencies Network

These sessions will also include a panel session for you to ask questions and a breakout session for you to share and learn from peers.

Don’t be left behind!!

These workshops are suitable for CEO’s and Senior Managers. A link to the workshop will be sent to you just before the event.

Choose one of three dates to be a part of this session to assist you with your planning and preparedness to support people with disability through this crisis.