Building Financial Resilience
Online Webinar Series

June – August 2020

Disability service providers have been experiencing significant change for some time. They have proven they are able to adapt and manage change effectively, in particular from a financial, human resources and service delivery perspective.

During this current COVID-19 disruption, organisations are transforming their service offerings and business systems to continue to meet the needs and requirements of people with disabilities.

CSIA, with the support of the Department of Social Services, NDIS Jobs and Market Fund Round 1, are running a series of webinars focused on Organisational and Financial Resilience for disability service providers. 

Join CSIA and Social Scaffolding to explore four areas that are critical to increasing your organisation’s financial capability. Investing time and capital in each of these areas can help create the right structure and organisational culture for financial resilience long term. 

Register for one or all four webinars to hear from experts on each topic. 


Webinar 1 - Business Models for Financial Resilience 

Tuesday 16 June, 10am-11am

During this current COVID-19 crisis situation, disability service organisations have been able to adapt nimbly due to their flexible business models.

Hear from three panellists as they provide insights on different business models, attributes and their medium- and long-term strategies for financial, personal and organisational resilience. 


Self-managed participant and Chair of QDN Nigel Webb will discuss his experience as a self-managed participant, how he runs his business and what he sees as core requirements for service providers in working with self-managed participants.

ARC Disability Services CEO Benjamin Keast will discuss how ARC's business model led to successful adaption to the NDIS and how the organisation is investing in its workforce for long term financial sustainability.

Steve Williams, Social Innovation Program Manager, CQUniversity will discuss his experience in developing entrepreneurial and innovative ways of addressing social problems through social enterprise including working with regional communities to help develop eco-systems of social enterprise.


A link will be provided prior to the event for you to join in.

This event is for disability services organisations and community services organisations. All tickets will be prioritised to this group. If you fall outside of this group please email

Webinar 2 - Numbers Matter

Tuesday 7 July, 10am-11am

Impactful work matters! To do this, you need to understand the key drivers of your business. In this webinar, our guest speaker David Hubbard, Director and CFO of CINCH Finance and Operations, will challenge you to:

  • think about the key drivers of profitability
  • efficiency in your business
  • and their link to long term financial resilience.


Webinar 3 - Operational Resilience

Tuesday 21 July, 10am-11am

Operational resilience for any organisation or company will rely on good governance, effective processes and systems, appropriate structure, digitisation and workforce strategy. These topics will be discussed in this webinar with examples and experience provided by our panel of expert speakers.


Webinar 4 - Capital for Business Growth and Sustainability

Tuesday 4 August, 10am-11am

All businesses need access to capital for sustainability and growth. In this webinar we will share market insights and knowledge on appropriate capital for different stages of a business’s lifecycle; discuss sources of funds and access. Our panel of guest speakers will talk to their own experiences of accessing and using capital in a start-up environment as well as building assets for resilience.


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