Disasters have a wide-ranging impact on all of us, our organisations, our staff, our communities and the people who use our services and supports.

How will your organisation act to ensure duty of care in a disaster? The third session in this series will bring you the latest research and information you need to understand your and your organisation’s role, especially around duty of care.

Join us to hear the latest research findings about how service providers are enacting Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) roles and responsibilities before, during, and after disaster.

We will discuss the international research findings, along with the actions that Australian service providers are taking.

This session will further explore a service providers role, capacity, tools and training needs. We will also share stories of working in collaboration with people with disabilities and emergency services around duty of care before, during and after a disaster or pandemic strikes.

Hear from the following speakers:

  • Dr Michelle Villeneuve, Associate Professor, Centre for Disability Research and Policy, The University of Sydney
  • Jessica Lane, Innovation Manager Community Lifestyle Agency
  • Sandra Elton, North Townsville Community Hub Inc
  • Emma Martin, Manager, Clinical Lead of the Queensland Health Mental Health Disaster Recovery Program, Department of Health

A link to the online event will be provided prior to the event for you to join in.

This interactive session will encourage discussions that will contribute to the development of recommendations for developing workforce capacity in the community, health care and disability service sectors to engage in DIDRR.

These webinars are hosted by Community Services Industry Alliance Ltd and supported by the Queensland Government through the Queensland Disaster Resilience Fund #QDRF and the Department of Communities, Disability Services and Seniors.