An Industry-led approach to Child Safe Organisations.


A joint initiative of the Queensland Family and Child Commission and CSIA.

CSIA has worked collaboratively with Industry and developed a high quality, easy to use, interactive resource guiding all parts of your organisation through an action learning process in being child safe.  

The Excellence Framework for Child Safe Organisations is a resource to support organisations to generate the culture shifts needed to function in line with the Child Safe Standards and National Principles for Child Safe Organisations.

Four supporting tools will guide your organisation in moving beyond compliance to set off in pursuit of excellence. The tools can be printed in your office and provide an engaging process to follow to support you moving forward as a Child Safe Organisation.



The Excellence Framework provides your organisation with a way to introduce the concept of Child Safe Organisations, develop shared understanding and move into action across all levels of your organisation.

The Excellence Framework for Child Safe Organisations includes: 

  • The call to action – acknowledging and learning from the past that brought about the need for the standards and principles
  • The Excellence Aspirations – five aspirations that guide cultural shifts across your organisation to be child safe
  • The process – a set of practical tools to facilitate your organisation’s engagement in a pursuit of excellence in being child safe. 

Download Microsoft Word versions of the four tools in the Excellence Framework. These have been created to make implementation in your organisation easier.

Tool 1: Understanding (PDF)

Tool 2: Reflection (Microsoft Word)

Tool 3: Shared Stories (Microsoft Word)

Tool 4: Strategies for Action (Microsoft Word)

How to use the Excellence Framework for Child Safe Organisations

The tools supporting the Excellence Framework provide your organisation with a practical way to start the conversation today.

  • Use the question-sets from the tools to guide board and staff meetings
  • Use the tools to facilitate group workshops across every department of your organisation
  • Create internal communications around your pursuit of excellence
  • Reflect on the areas your organisation has more activity and the areas with least activity
  • Review your strategies for action regularly in your pursuit of excellence.

Queensland Child Safety and Wellbeing Community of Practice

Tool #3 Shared Stories in the Excellence Framework encourages you to connect with others and learn about the work being done in being child safe.

A great way to do this is to join the Queensland Child Safety and Wellbeing Community of Practice, an Industry-led gathering to further the implementation of the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations.

The Community of Practice meets quarterly. Check out the details for the next Community of Practice and reach out to the relevant host organisation to become involved.