Here we answer all of your questions about Workforce Development and Training Mapping. If you have a burning question that hasn’t been answered contact the CSIA team at [email protected].

What is Workforce Development and Training Mapping?

The HSSO is seeking to map all activities underway across Industry to leverage the investment being made in programs and pilots. This mapping project will also reduce the risk of duplication across Industry.

What is the HSSO?

The Human Services Skills Organisation (HSSO) is a national employer-led body addressing the growing and evolving workforce needs of the human services sectors.

How will my project information be used?

Ultimately the HSSO would like to share this information on a collaboration platform for all interested stakeholders to access and continue to maintain it over time.

Can I keep my project information confidential?

Yes. Contact Project Manager Andrew Hamilton at [email protected] to discuss options for confidentiality.