Are you inclusion ready? 

The NDIA has announced the opening of an ILC Readiness Grant round with $19.9 million in funding available for user-led organisations to deliver projects that will empower people with disability to better access their communities and achieve their goals. 

Grants are available for 12 months from May/June 2019 with a suggested maximum grant application amount of $118,000. Organisations have three weeks to apply and successful grants will be announced in April 2019.

CSIA is partnering with NDS to help you, your organisation and your community better understand inclusion and the related Information, Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC) grants. We will help you and your organisation prepare for ILC activity in Queensland and navigate ILC grants. 

We’ll be bringing you a variety of workshops, resources, tools and information to get you ready, and strengthen your capacity to promote social and economic inclusion for people with a disability in Queensland communities.

What's my story? Digital stories of inclusion

Through the Inclusion Ready project, we are sharing stories about the types of inclusion you can have in your community and the impact it can have for business, government, groups and people with a disability.

Allycia's story                                Bobby's story


Gabe's story                                 Hervey Bay


Kobie's story                            



Watch Alison talk about what social inclusion means for her and her community, while Peter talks about the economic opportunities for communities. You can hear about how the local ingress community practices social inclusion with Dan!



This page is regularly updated with the latest case studies, blog posts, resources and tools to support you during this time.

Becoming Inclusion Ready

CSIA commissioned Griffith University’s Policy Innovation Hub to undertake an environmental scan and develop the report. The Becoming Inclusion Ready report took a deep dive into inclusion and came up with 80 pages of learnings, snapshots, useful concepts and ways to measure the impact of inclusion. Most importantly for government, industry, business and communities it:

 Introduces us to the concept of inclusive growth, and methods for measuring it, to understand the impact inclusion has on a community.

 Identifies the importance of inclusion on healthy economic growth.

 Provides a snapshot of inclusion for people with disability, showing that we have a lot of work to do.


Showcases the pockets of good work being undertaken by government, community services industry and communities, giving a   strong starting point.

Download a copy of the report (or click on the cover) 

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NDS are running ILC Application skills workshops at locations across Queensland. These hands-on workshops will build your organisation’s capability and capacity to make an application, and introduce you to a suite of tools and resources to help you.

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Resources and tools

We have resources that will help you understand the ILC program, grants and inclusion. Keep checking back as we add more useful resources. 




Not sure where to go to find the right information. We have listed the key pages you need to visit to help you prepare for ILC activity in Queensland. 



Frequently asked questions

Have a burning question? We have a series of questions and answers to help you find out what you need to know about inclusion and the ILC program, grants and activities. 



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