Become more inclusive at your workplace 

Inclusion at work benefits everyone, not just people with disability.

People with disability have been shown to have reduced absenteeism, better workplace safety and reduced turnover. 

Diversity is the most efficient way to encourage innovation in business. But to have a diverse workplace, inclusive practices for hiring, training, engaging and retaining employees is key.

In the next phase of Inclusion Ready we will be focusing on employment of people with disability not only for ILC grant applications but also to improve your workplace and the community at large.

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Building inclusion through employment

Fact Sheets for Employers


Autism and Employment: A Guide for New Employers

In this fact sheet Employ for Ability Managing Director David Smith draws on his
knowledge and experience in neurodiverse recruitment to provide an overview of
what you need to know when employing a neurodiverse person.

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Engaging a Consultant with a Disability

In this fact sheet producer, writer and editor Stephanie Dower draws on her
knowledge and experience as a consultant with a disability to provide an overview
of what you need to consider when engaging a consultant.

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Employment Resources

CSIA has brought together a list of great resources you need to employ people with disability today.

  • Employ for Ability works with organisations looking to employ people with neurodiversity and autism.
  • The JobAccess Employer Toolkit is a great starting point for your journey employing people with disability. It has information on legislative requirements and financial help available for workplace adjustments.
  • Australian Network on Disability has a Jobseeker Toolkit including everything from interview preparation tips to advice on disability disclosure in the workplace.
  • Employable Me is a series on ABCTV that follows people with neuro diverse conditions as they search for meaningful employment. 
  • The Diversity Council’s resources on creating inclusive workplaces Words At Work is great for workplace culture change and showcases inclusion as excellence.
  • Access and Inclusion is Good for Business is a short video from Australian Network on Disability outlining the benefits of employing people with disability.
  • The Australian Network on Disability has a range of helpful factsheets on inclusion and access.

Employment Stories

Hear directly from a range of business owners who have seen benefits for their business simply by employing people with disability.


Make hiring smarter not harder

HR specialist David Smith's breakthrough moment resulted in business benefits simply
by ditching traditional recruitment processes.  

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Daring business to be more inclusive

A simple sticker opened doors for people with a disability in NSW’s Blue Mountains.

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Inclusive Social Enterprise

Carmel Tulloch turned her dream for inclusion into an award-winning company.

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Inclusive Consultation

In this story we hear from Stephanie Dower as she provides an opportunity to
reflect on the impact real inclusion can have on creating an innovative, high
performing and sustainable Community Services Industry and workforce.

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Inclusivity pays dividends at JAC’s Learning World

Not only has employing a person with disability resulted in improvements to workplace
culture and staff morale, it’s given children at this daycare centre a greater understanding of diversity.

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Pumping up the volume on creative careers

The Jam Factory’s John Valente turns a lightbulb moment into life-changing action.

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Breaking down barriers in small business

This business is becoming more inclusive and their local community is backing them all the way.

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‚ÄčWatch Allycia and John's story of the positive impact of her employment at Jam Factory Productions.

Employment Fact sheets for people with disability and their families

We worked with CRU to develop the following factsheets about inclusive employment. CRU has worked with families for 30 years and worked with them to compile practical advice below. Although targeted to families, friends and young people they contain useful advice and links to other resources for community members and professionals. 

The inclusive employment fact sheets have practical steps for young people with disability, their families and friends to identify job opportunities. A review of the literature in Becoming Inclusion Ready identified that '…one of the biggest barriers experienced by people with disabilities in the workplace is the stereotypical attitudes that employers and colleagues hold about employing a person with a disability, resulting in discrimination and underrepresentation.' But also notes that 'The research instead shows that, when compared to employees without disabilities, employees with disabilities have higher retention rates, better work attendance rates, equivalent productivity levels and better workplace safety records.' Becoming Inclusion Ready p 21 & 22, See also Fact sheet 7: Information for employers.