Queensland Stories of Inclusion

Through the Inclusion Ready project, we are sharing stories about the types of inclusion you can have in your community and the impact it can have for business, government, groups and people with a disability. On this page you'll find digital stories, blogs, and more. 

Allison's Story

Allison is a member of West End's Whoopie-Do Crew band. Watch this video to see how being a treasured part of her community has helped Allison feel more important and included.






Allycia's Story  

 Allycia loves to perform and wanted to increase her skills backstage. Watch the story of the positive impact of her internship at Jam Productions. 





 A screenshot of Bobby laughing. 

Bobby's Story   

Bobby's outgoing personality and positive attitude have seen him flourish at Ambrose Treacy College. Watch Bobby and his family talk about how inclusive schools benefit everyone. 




A screenshot of Gabe's video. He is sitting in his wheelchair, and a support worker is standing behind him. The text 'I am Gabe' is super-imposed over the image.


Gabe's Story

Gabe is a practicing artist whose exciting and colourful work taps into universal human emotions in surprising ways. Watch the story of his first professional exhibition at Logan Art Gallery. 




A screenshot of Joshua, a dunga derby participant, being interviewed sitting in the rally car. Josh is wearing a red dunga derby hat and a patterned shirt.


Inclusive Hervey Bay

Hervey Bay already has many inclusive community activities, but 2018 was the first time a team of people with disability had entered the charity Dunga Derby. Watch Joshua and his mates talk about giving back to their community and the importance of independence in their own lives.





A screenshot of Kobie's interview. She is sitting in her office and is talking to the interviewer behind the camera.

Kobie's Story


Kobie is an elite para-athlete and PE teacher. She breaks assumptions (and world records!) whenever she can. 





A screenshot of Dan's video. He is sitting under a tree being interviewd by someone off camera. The Subtitles say


Dan's Story

Dan (or hotwheelz83 to his teammates) is a dedicated Ingress player. Watch Dan's story to meet the community who makes this new and strategic team sport so welcoming and inclusive. 





A screenshot of Peter's interview. He is sitting in a garden. Peter is speaking to an interviewer off camera, and is wearing headphones and a blue shirt. The subtitles say


Peter's Story

Peter is an advocate for universal access and design because it makes good business sense. Watch Peter and Dr Penny Galbraith talk about the community and economic benefits of accessibility.