Are you Inclusion Ready? Workshops

The new Information, Linkages, Capacity Building (ILC) grants are expected to bring transformational change for business across all Industries. Don’t miss this opportunity to make inclusion part of your strategy.

$51 million in grants has been announced as part of the new Information, Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC) strategy. 

Inclusion Ready is running a variety of workshops to support you to develop your skills. Scroll down to find information on the current workshops: 

  • Video: Workshop One An Introduction Workshop
  • ILC Application Skills
  • Stories of change to theories of change 

Workshop one: An Introduction Workshop

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Did you miss the first workshop? Don't worry we have an online version to catch up on understanind the NDIS, the Information, Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC) program and grants, and how to prepare yourself to be more inclusive. 


Workshop - ILC Application Skills 

The ILC Application Skills Workshop is running at locations across Queensland. These hands-on workshops will build your organisation’s capability and capacity to make an ILC grant application: individually or in collaboration. You will also be introduced to a suite of tools and resources to help you develop your application.

The 2019 workshop schedule is here.


Workshop - Stories of change to theories of change

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Have you ever wanted an outcomes framework that effectively demonstrates the work of your organisation?

Outcomes evidence or answering “What difference are we making?”  is becoming core business for community organisations. In the first day of our 2-day workshop series, learn how to develop evidence-based storytelling, and increase your focus on stories of change from a user perspective. We show you how client stories can be developed into rich outcome data and form the foundation for your outcomes framework.

The second day will guide in developing a Theory of Change (TOC) for your programs and services by connecting these user-centred stories client outcomes  to existing evidence and research. This way, your TOC will provide you with a tailored framework to build to outcomes measurement and evidence that fits into the culture of your agency .This tailored framework will be also be a useful reflective, planning tool and assist in practical aspects of your organisations operation including strategic planning, job descriptions and workplans.

The workshop will include:

  • Two days of applied practical activities run across in four sessions
  • Two facilitators with more than 25 years experience in evaluation within the community sector
  • Evidence-based and up-to-date content based on sound evaluation theory and practice
  • Spiral-bound workshop guides that incluxde; graphic-designed information sheets, workshop slide summaries, activity templates and additional reading and resources
  • Access to and training on TOC software to build your own outcomes frameworks
  • Real life case studies from the perspective of both the  evaluator and community organisation user- experience
  • A mix of instruction and skills transfer, engaging practical activities and group discussion
  • Provision for continued workshop participant discussion online to answer questions, build a community of practice and receive coaching in building your outcomes framework
  • Provision of post workshop login access to TOC software and expert coaching in further development and refinement of your own TOC models.

NOTE: The stories of change workshop is a prerequisite for the theory of change workshop and a small fee will be charged. Spaces are limited

Watch this space for the 2019 workshop series and register your interest below.


Stories of change to theories of change follow up workshops

Inclusion Ready is running follow up workshops from 7 February 2019 for the alumni of the 2018 workshop series. 

Contact for details.