Job Match Workforce

It is an undeniable fact that life in Australia can be substantially disrupted by all manner of disasters from cyclones, floods and fires through the most recent global pandemic and more.

When those disasters occur, community services organisations are usually right at the frontline. For this reason, it is essential that a rapid solution is readily available to address any potential for worker shortages in those organisations and service disruption is minimised. 

JobMatch Workforce is a shared workforce initiative designed to make certain that vulnerable Australians have continuity of care, that workers have continuity of employment and organisations experience the least amount of service disruption possible.

Organisations wishing to participate in the initiative simply need to register below. They will then be given access to a restricted SharePoint site and Teams channel where they will be able to:

  • be supported through the process of finding like-minded organisations and developing shared workforce arrangements with them
  • update information on their available workers (e.g. de-identified information such as how many workers, their roles and location) 
  • indicate the positions they need help to fill and for how long
  • connect directly with other employers to discuss opportunities to share a workforce
  • negotiate an MOU as required
  • provide feedback and evaluation
  • access information to support a shared workforce
  • reach out to one another in private conversations.

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Community Services Industry Alliance (CSIA), together with the Queensland and New South Wales Governments, UnitingCare Community, Social Futures, St Vincent de Paul New South Wales and St Vincent de Paul Queensland have come together to leverage the Community Services Job Match program as a means of delivering the abovementioned rapid response.

Job Match Workforce

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By submitting this registration form, you are in good faith signally the intent of your organisation to share your available workforce with other JobMatch Workforce participants during COVID-19 border closures are other times of disaster such as cyclones, fires and floods. 

You are also agreeing to respect the privacy of any information made available to you about participating organisations and/or their workers during the course of your participation in JobMatch Workforce. 

Failure to respect the information you gain through the course of participating in JobMatch Workforce may result in your removal from the program. 

Please include information below for one key contact in your organisation. 


  • Enter organisation name
  • ABN 11 digits no spaces
  • Phone number
  • Enter the services provided by your organisation
  • List the locations/sites your organisation provides services
  • Please enter a number greater than or equal to 1.
    Estimate the number of workers you will have available for participation in JobMatch Workforce



How does Job Match Workforce work?


How does JobMatch Workforce work?

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How does my organisation get involved with Job Match Workforce?


How does my organisation get involved with JobMatch Workforce?

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Is my organisation eligible for Job Match Workforce?


Is my organisation is eligible for JobMatch Workforce?

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Why should my organisation get involved with Job Match Workforce?


Why should my organisation get involved with JobMatch Workforce?

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