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Building a workforce to deliver

The scope of CSIA’s work keeps expanding, and so does our team.

The Boosting Local Care Workforce (BLCW) project is ramping up as CSIA fills two more roles as part of the national roll out.

And with that the CSIA team is growing to deliver a range of programs of work to support the sustainability of the Industry.

Sue-Ellen Evans is the Specialist Coordinator Aged Care and Disability Collaboration in the Boosting the Local Care Workforce Program. Starting out as an Adult Literacy educator, Sue-Ellen moved on to roles in the Vocational Education and Training Sector working on the National Foundation Skills Training Package consultations with Community Services and Health Industry Skills Council (CSHISC). Sue-Ellen’s role as the Workforce Education Language and Literacy (WELL) broker for Aged Care then lead to her working as Aged Care Workforce Innovation Network Business Adviser (AWIN).

Sue-Ellen has worked with Aged Care providers to review business practices and source practical solutions. The skills she developed in this role led her to a similar role as Workforce Innovation Partner for NSW with Disability Workforce Innovation Network (DWIN). Sue-Ellen has delivered Workforce Planning in NSW for Aged Care and Disability providers and worked as part of an early intervention team in an NDIS environment. More recently, she worked with SkillsIQ as an engagement executive for the Aged Services Industry Reference Committee.

Kylie Hogan is CSIA Lead Regional Coordinator. She has 14 years’ experience in the Disability and Community Mental Health sectors. Kylie has worked in volunteer management and workforce planning and development roles for Queensland Cancer Fund, Volunteering Queensland, Workforce Council and National Disability Services. She has extensive experience in the workforce area related to the NDIS including managing the Sector Readiness and Workforce Capacity Initiative (NDIS Readiness) and managing NDS involvement in the WorkAbility Qld project where she led the local place-based team of regional coordinators.

Kylie brings a wealth of experience and skills to CSIA including organisational and regional workforce planning, stakeholder engagement and retention, leadership and management of teams. 

The CSIA team also includes a new Marketing and Communication Officer. This role is focussed on providing support to the program of works, which is exciting.

Rebecca Cason is the CSIA Marketing and Communication Officer. Rebecca brings 20 years of experience from her roles in the not-for-profit arts sector working across marketing, communications, publishing, management and creative enterprise. She has worked with a range of arts and community organisations in governance roles to build capacity, develop marketing strategies and fundraising campaigns.



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