Why your sponsors don’t…


Why your sponsors don’t have to love you

Sponsors don’t have to love you because this is not a romantic venture, it’s a commercial one. But if they don’t love you, how do you get them to give you the cash?

Well isn’t that quite literally the million-dollar question!

Lucky for you, we’ve taken the time to compile the best how-to insights on this very topic from across the web.


SponServe have a great blog and podcast that are well worth investing your time in. From these resources you will get a breadth of great how-to advice as well as some brilliant case study examples of how it all works in practice.

We recommend you start here with Selling Sponsorships – The Key Ingredients of Success


The Funding Centre

The Funding Centre hold themselves up as the best place to go to get information on grants and fundraising in Australia.

And, in all truth, they do have some good information available on their website. Some of it is members-only, some of it is available for purchase but there is also some really great free stuff.

Click the button below to find your way to everything they have on sponsorship.

But we think you should start with this list of the Top 10 Rules for Sponsorship Hunters.

This short article in has got some really great pointers for new and seasoned sponsorship seekers.

‘How to attract corporate sponsors’ includes 9 tips to do what you love and find a company willing to foot the bill (their words, not mine).

Click the button to get the nitty gritty




Infinity Sponsorship

Again, this is a website with a mix of both paid and free resources. But the thing that has really captured our attention, is the FREE 14-Day Sponsorship-Game-Changer program.

The owner of this company even has a LinkedIn Group you’re likely to be interested in joining, it’s called: The Ultimate Non-Profity and Charity Sponsorship Network.  Oh, and it’s Australian!   

But just going back to the website, we think maybe start with the wealth of great case studies and articles available. Click below to get going.





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