Partnering for the future


Partnering for the future: Advancing Queensland’s Community Services Industry

With an election called in Queensland, the Government has gone into caretaker mode. But that doesn’t stop us telling you about the recently released Partnering for the Future: Advancing Queensland’s Community Services Industry 2017-25 strategy.

This strategy is the product of a joint effort between the Queensland Government and the Community Services Partnership Forum to provide a roadmap for proactively addressing changes and driving joint work towards the vision of the Industry for 2025.

The strategy has four key focus areas:

  1. Improving outcomes for individuals, families and communities

  2. Growing jobs and skills

  3. Positioning the Industry for success

  4. Enabling system-wide transformation


This Strategy is a platform for our industry to work with other stakeholders into the future.

There were, after all, significant drivers for the development of this document with changes impacting our industry on several fronts. These changes are causing our industry to re-evaluate the way we’ve traditionally done business in order to find continued success and sustainability.

Some of those drivers include the:

  • growth of market-based approaches to service delivery

  • impact of new technologies

  • diversification of the Industry’s funding base.

Partnering makes sense for us as an industry.

Through strategic partnerships and well-placed projects/initiatives, we can:

  • find new ways of doing business

  • seek out and implement new approaches to designing, financing and providing services

  • build a strong workforce with the diverse range of job roles and skill sets needed to deliver these innovations.

The CSIA’s CEO, Belinda Drew, said that the organisation’s work with Deloitte on Forecasting the Future was part of the evidence base used to create the strategy.

“The Forecasting the Future success imperatives have informed the priorities in the strategy,” Belinda says.

“The CSIA is a member of the Community Services Partnership Forum that helped to develop the strategy.

“We’ve been involved in various workshops, consultations and meetings to help develop the strategy and I was on a working group that guided the strategy development,” she says.

“We continue to work with our Industry partners to advance the Community Services industry,” Belinda says.

The Partnering for the Future: Advancing Queensland’s Community Services Industry 2017-25 strategy is available on the Queensland Government website.

Partnering for the future strategy






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