Meet our new change-makers


As CSIA expands so does our passionate team delivering key projects

It’s a new financial year and CSIA will be continuing the success of the previous one.

In the past year alone, CSIA has delivered a number of key projects including:

On top of this, the team have been working with government and industry leaders to identify issues and opportunities, and how to find the right solution, presenting, chairing, participating in key industry conferences, just to name a few.

From this strong foundation of work, CSIA will continue to grow and deliver more opportunities for the community services industry as we move into this financial year.  And it takes the right team to make sure these happen.

Growing the team

You may have seen CSIA recruiting for a number of positions, as the team continues to grow to deliver on the breadth of exciting projects.

But who are these new people and what will they be working on? Let us introduce you to our newest passionate change-makers:

Project Manager Tina Ison

Tina is taking the reins on a number of workforce projects including the WorkAbility Queensland and the National Disability Insurance Scheme Training and Skills Support Strategy (NTSSS).  Her role will oversee and coordinate the strategic delivery of the WorkAbility consortium project to achieve project objectives. She will also manage the NTSSS strategy and governance, delivering state-wide coordination and management.

She brings more than 27 years’ experience from her roles across workforce planning, human resource management, auditing and compliance, vocational education and training delivery and stakeholder engagement. Her expertise was gained through a diverse range of settings including not-for-profit organisations, state government, associations, peak bodies, and private organisations spanning several industries including education and training and community services.

Tina has a passion for building workforce capacity within the community services industry through workforce planning and development and education and training.

Inclusion Ready Senior Project Officer Tracie-Lee Little

The Inclusion Ready Project continues to deliver the variety of workshops, resources, tools and information to help Queensland communities to build inclusion and apply for an Information, Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC) grants.

The Inclusion Ready team has expanded as we introduce Tracie-Lee who will be leading our strategic projects. During the coming months, she will deliver the digital storytelling project, explore ILC demonstration projects, and will research and develop proposals to support industry development.

In addition to her qualifications in Welfare and Vocational Education and Training (VET), Tracie-Lee brings more than 25 years’ experience to the role. She has expertise in engagement, project management, evaluation and risk management, and most recently worked for the National VET regulator leading and evaluating projects aimed at improving the quality of VET sector outcomes.  

Tracie-Lee has also worked with people with a disability in supported accommodation and employment services, as well as Disability Advisor roles in VET, apprenticeships, post-school transition services and the higher education sector.

Tracie-Lee is excited to continue improving the social and economic inclusion of people with a disability by leading and implementing strategic projects that have evolved from CSIA’s Inclusion Ready project.

Project Officer Beth Dwine

Beth will be joining the CSIA team from Monday 16 July and will be responsible for progressing the CSIA’s key priorities under the Laying Foundations project. This will include delivering the Child Safe Organisations excellence framework, the business maturity scorecard and workforce scoping.

She brings with her a breadth of skills and experience in workforce and organisational development consulting in both capability and capacity building of organisations working with vulnerable people.

Beth has developed her strong practice experience through her roles in social work and community development. She has been instrumental in establishing new intensive family support services and community-based partnerships to build community capacity and influential stakeholder relationships across child and family services.




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