Our story

The CSIA was created to give a unified voice to the force of good that is our Industry.

A voice that grows louder to support and advance the purpose of our Foundation Members, and the Industry as a whole.

We exist to advance the business and sustainability of community services through positive action and change.

We believe in bringing a real world perspective to everything we do.

We believe in progress.

We believe in the value and the passion our members have for their causes.

And ultimately, we believe in introducing smart ways of enabling their passion with the means to complete their missions. 

Lets do good better

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Our mission and values

Our mission moves the Industry beyond the borders of fragmentation.

Join us and make a lasting difference in the lives of Australians.

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Our people

Our people embrace a future-focused Community Services Industry.

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Our strategy

The CSIA strives to implement innovative approaches from around Australia which will improve the way we work.

For the Community Services Industry to be effective well into the future, we need to capitalise on new ideas and evidence.

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