We started our Resilience Maturity research from an informed perspective

CSIA has a well-established history of supporting the Community Services Industry through disaster response, recovery and resilience. We’ve done this by bringing better business continuity planning, disaster inclusive risk reduction and most recently through our response to COVID-19. The Resilience Maturity research process we conducted for this project has resulted in our latest evidence-based initiative to support our industry in its preparedness, response and recovery in the face of disaster.

Through our work, we have identified that organisations need to put a strategic focus on building their capability when it comes to the prevention and reduction of risk. Importantly, this needs to be done as part of the organisation’s core set of activities.

There are more than 1,000 community services organisations in Queensland, and the large majority of these are small to medium-sized. These organisations support thousands of Queenslanders in times of disaster, but as a general rule do not have their own internal disaster resilience capacity – that is, it is very rare for community services organisations to have staff with the responsibility to drive business continuity or disaster resilience matters in the business.