Gender parity in the workplace is a conversation that’s occurring in Australia and is the focus of many policy makers, politicians, business and community leaders.  

The Government’s Participation and Leadership section of the Queensland Women’s Strategy (2016-2021) identifies the need to increase women’s participation and progression in leadership, senior management roles and Directors on Board positions.  

Here at CSIA, we share this priority with our focus squarely on the community services industry.  

But to understand the current state of involvement of women in leadership, we needed to look at what is happening, where are the gaps and opportunities. The idea was to use the findings to inform the next step forward.  

CSIA partnered with the Office for Women, Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services, to research the current state of gender parity of boards in the community services industry.   

This resulted in the Towards Gender Parity: Women on Community Services Boards report. 

You can also read the executive summary including key statistic findings from the report and the recommendation for the next steps forward. 

You can also find out more about women in the industry and their advice to support progression into leadership positions.