The Industry

The Industry is undergoing a major structural transition. It’s a transition that has created an opportunity to rewrite the Industry’s narrative, focusing on both the social and economic contributions. 

We are an industry as diverse as the people and communities we support.

The variety of organisations at the heart of the Community Services Industry range from:

  • small to large

  • local to national

  • place-based to issues-based

  • large multi-program organisations to local community development work.

The galvanizing theme between these organisations is the creation of positive change in the lives of people and communities, particularly the most vulnerable.  

But our Industry is currently being challenged on multiple fronts.

We are exposed to increased competition, contestability, and the need for quality performance data.

Governments are calling for greater value for money, productivity and efficiency.

This is happening in an environment of rising costs, increasing demand, an ageing workforce and a technological revolution.

Our Industry attracts a passionate and dedicated workforce that values making a contribution to positive change in the lives of people and communities. 

This is a growing workforce that is expected to more than double over the next five years.

The skills of this workforce need to diversify to complement the rapidly changing regulatory, funding and operational environment our organisations are now facing. 

Industry profile

The community services our society needs to move forward, operate within an ever-changing social, economic and political environment.

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Industry future

The Community Services Industry faces an essential period of reform; the CSIA is determined to set an independent agenda.

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Industry impact

Being able to track the vital statistics of the non-profit sector is an important policy tool for governments, non-profit organisations themselves, and those businesses and foundations that seek to support charitable causes.

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