Industry future

The Community Services Industry Alliance formed in March 2014 as a result of a developmental process, reflecting innovation in action across the Industry.

The Working Together green paper was produced to explore the different avenues of Industry communication and unity. A resulting focus emerged on the ‘business of the business’ of community services.

Organisations began to come together to make a difference and transmit operational innovation.  

Confidence grew. 

The idea of an industry body taking this explicit focus flowed into the development of a business case that outlined the form and function of the organisation.

Today, we have a fully operational organisation, supported in its mission by 42 Foundation Members and growing.

The CSIA has been established to spur a positive difference to the capacity and viability of community service organisations, and to the Industry as a whole.

We are dedicated to securing a prosperous future for the Industry across Australia.

The focus is on:

  • engaging with organisations and stakeholders on Industry development
  • influencing and advocating for policy reform, representing the Industry at all levels of government and with other industries
  • informing and educating on Industry benchmarks, best practice and organisational development
  • leading the Industry in identifying challenges and acting on opportunities such as increasing productivity and innovation.