The Community Services Disaster Resilience Maturity Scorecard and Playbook (resource library) is designed for boards and senior management to use as you develop a clear understanding of your resilience position and how to accelerate your resilience development.

There are many ways to use the Resilience Maturity Scorecard (we’ll outline a few here). Having the conversation about your organisation’s level of resilience maturity, and thinking about what steps you can take to build on that, is the first crucial step.

Continuing that conversation all year, every year, is just as crucial.

The Resilience Maturity Scorecard basics

  • The Resilience Maturity Scorecard is organised in alignment with the Resilience Maturity Framework.
  • Each domain, indicator and sub-indicator represents an opportunity for reflection and discussion.
  • As you work through the Scorecard, you will be presented with a series of statements (sub-indicators) and asked to rate your level of agreement with each statement for your organisation. You will be given a free text space to write down examples to showcase why you rated your organisation in the way you did.
  • The rating you give your organisation, and any examples you write, will be served back to you as part of your results report at the conclusion of your assessment. This will be important to have on hand as you discuss what steps you’re going to take moving forward.
  • Each domain of the Resilience Maturity Framework represents a section of the Scorecard. Your results for each of those sections will be available individually as you progress through the assessment.
  • You will only see your organisation’s overall results once you’ve completed all three sections.
  • The results report will be available to print to PDF from your web browser as well as in a handy web-based dashboard format.
  • In that report, you will also be provided with recommended actions to take, and handy resources (case studies, templates, articles, research and more) to support you in taking those actions.